An FBI agent being forced out of the Bureau. A farmer who kills to keep the peace at home. One has no future. The other has no fear.


Jeremy Winter’s career as an FBI agent is threatened when dark events from his past come roaring to the present. Fearful that his girlfriend, fellow agent Maggie Keeley, will be a pawn in a high-stakes political game, Jeremy must choose between his job and his newfound family. Whatever he decides, his life will move into dangerous territory as powerful enemies target him.

Mason Miller struggles to keep his farm afloat. All around him, others have sold their land—and their heritage—to corporations. Not Mason. Whatever it takes, his farm and his family will survive. When the pressures of broken equipment and past due loans mount, he turns to his love of hunting human prey to relieve his tension and protect his lifestyle. If others must sacrifice their lives to ensure his family’s success, so be it.

With the deadline for his decision looming, Jeremy discovers a tenuous link between missing persons and state parks. He’s unable to convince his boss that a serial killer is at work and must hide his investigation or risk losing what little leverage he still has. With bodies piling up and time running out, can Jeremy catch a murderer without losing his hopes for the future?

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