People Have to be People

So it seems that lately I’m on a rant about TV. Maybe it’s an age thing and I’m just looking for things to complain about. (Note to self: lock comments on this post.) Last week I told you why I gave up on “Outlander” on Starz. I’ve got a new issue now though. There’s nothing that bothers me more than when I’m watching a show (or reading a book) and people don’t behave like people.

Missing Socks? Nope. Worse.


There’s a tired myth about socks disappearing in the dryer. They escape or get abducted by aliens or whatever. Yeah, we all get it. Ha ha. But honestly, it’s not the socks that go missing. At least not at my house. It’s the dryer sheets.

I empty the dryer. Fold-ish the clothes. And around half the time (maybe even up to 50% of the time), there’s no dryer sheet. I know I put it in there. I’d never forget. Not after the Great Static Electricity Storm of 2003. That was one rough winter’s night. Our sheets shocked me in places that shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of trauma. ‘Nuff said.

Spoiled Rotten

No time this week to write a new story for Flash Fiction Fridays, so instead you get this video of a spoiled rotten dog. Or horse. Man, those are big animals. My favorite part is around the 1:40 mark. Oh, and if you’re filming a video on your phone, please turn the phone sideways!


Have you ever had a spoiled pet?

Why I Stopped Watching “Outlander”

“Outlander” is a new series on the Starz network based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. I haven’t read the books and was intrigued by the premise. I generally like historical series, but I gave up on this one after four and a half episodes. Why? Read on.

The story opens at the end of WWII when combat nurse Claire Randall goes on a second honeymoon to get reacquainted with her husband (who was stationed somewhere else during the war). During that vacation, she is visiting an ancient stone rock circle and is transported back in time to Scotland in the year 1743.