A Sand Story

I shared this video over on that Book of Faces thing a couple of days ago, but it’s worth another look. This is from Ukraine’s Got Talent and the young lady is using sand art to tell a story. See what you think.

Ukraine’s been in the news a lot lately, and while this art refers back to WWII, it’s hard not to think about it in today’s terms.

The Easter Spreadsheet

This past Saturday we had our annual Easter get-together which, of course, includes an egg hunt for the kiddos. My wife did all the planning and preparation, including filling plastic eggs with candy and making bunny money for the kids to buy things with. She’s all about organization, so everything had to be settled prior to Saturday.

From Bad to Worserer

We all have bad days. Some worse than others. And a few MUCH worserer. (Yeah, I know. Not a real word, but it does fit.) So watch these videos and realize how much worserer it could have been!

(The first video is security camera footage so there’s no sound.)

Ever had anything like these videos happen to you? Share below!