The Railroad Spike (Flash Fiction Fridays)

The rusted railroad spike fit perfectly in his hand. The steel’s heft provided enough weight to do serious damage if it came to that. And Patrick harbored no doubts. Based on the last three hours, it would come to that. His pursuers were relentless.


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Breakfast in Bed

There seems to be this glamorous image of eating breakfast in bed. Fluffy pillows, satiny sheets, sunshine streaming through the window. You awaken, every hair in place and minty-fresh breath, yawn, stretch, and admire the bounty your spouse and/or kids have placed before you.

Steaming coffee, fresh-squeezed OJ, eggs, bacon, fruit, and toast. Today’s paper folded neatly beside it all. A wondrous start to the day.

7 Things You Might Have Missed Last Week

Good news! When the zombie apocalypse comes (or any other attack/catastrophe), there’s a plan to jump-start the internet. All our cat pictures will be saved! You can read the details here. So far, no luck finding an application to be a key holder.

How’d you like to write a book that no one will read for a hundred years? (Insert joke here about my novel and the search for a publisher.) Here’s an interesting art project happening over in Norway. Each year for the next century a different author will turn over an unread manuscript to be locked away. Trees are being planted now that’ll be used to print the books, which implies at least one person believes paper books will still be around then. Kudos for the commitment if nothing else.

Molasses Music (Flash Fiction Fridays)

The molasses oozed from the piano keys, each drop a reminder of the sticky situation he now found himself in. Explaining the mess would be difficult. Cleaning it up even difficulter. Disregarding his penchant for making up words, difficultest of all.

The art assignment started off so well.

“Pick something you’re passionate about,” Ms. Flanigan had said. “Expand on the concept. Be creative. Think outside the box.”