The Two Words That Get Your Story Started

What if?

Those two words are all you need to jump-start any story, whether you’re halfway through your work-in-progress, or just trying to figure out what to write next. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing flash fiction or a multi-volume epic. It all begins the same way.

What if?

Got a bad case of writer’s block? Start asking the “what if” questions. What if your hero fell off a float in the 4th of July parade and injured his leg? What if your bad guy got the hiccups at a critical moment? What if a kangaroo pocketed a critical piece of evidence and hopped away?

Google, Green Stamps, and Good Old Days

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in school these days. So much information available at our fingertips. Back in my day (you know, when we had to walk five miles to school in the snow, and it was uphill both ways), the library was king when it came to research. Sure, we had the complete World Book Encyclopedia set at home (most bought with S&H green stamps from the A&P), but it was several years old.

The Regimen (Flash Fiction Fridays)

The doorbell chimed and Albert shuffled to see who it was this time. At sixty-eight years old, moving between the kitchen, the sofa, and the front door met his daily exercise requirements. Up until a few months ago, walking the dog had been included in his regimen but Sancho had gone to wherever dogs go when they pass on. Pets and people. Always dying on you.

Finally Finished!

If you’ve followed my blog for the last couple of weeks, you know I’ve been working on staining our deck. (Read the saga here and here.) This weekend project fought, scratched, and clawed its way into an ordeal lasting two months. Now that it’s done, I fully expect a fire/tornado/lightning strike to take it out in the next week or so.