Outside Again!

Spring is officially here. My eyes are itching and burning. I can’t stop sneezing. But if it ever stops raining, I’ll finally be able to get outside and do some work in the yard.

I’ve decided to overseed my lawn this year. That basically consists of dethatching my yard, cutting it close, throwing out more Bermuda seed, and watering religiously. All to create more work for myself in pursuit of the coveted Yard of the Month award.

Top 5 Summer Movies of 2015

As usual, this summer promises plenty of blockbusters at the theaters. But as a grumpy oldish man, I most likely won’t plop down money to go see them. Why? Glad you asked.

That one teenager six rows ahead of me texting during the movie while his phone lights up half the theater. The people three rows behind me “whispering” through the whole thing. The guy next to me who snarfs his popcorn so loudly I can’t hear the movie. Having to go to the bathroom six times because I paid the extra quarter for the 55-gallon size of Diet Coke.

Criminal Sentences: Pick a New One

How long do you read before you give up on a book? How many chances does the author get? I’ve been reading The Twelfth Imam by Joel Rosenberg and couldn’t take any more of it. I don’t mind when religious themes are blended into a novel, and I expected it with this one. But the handling of it was so obvious and clumsy, I just couldn’t keep reading. It quit being entertaining (in fact, it never started) and became preachy.