Network of Deceit, the sequel to Collision of Lies, will be released in February 2021. This month, I’m giving away signed paperback copies of Collision to three (3) random winners. To enter, all I need is your email address. You are NOT signing up for anything and your email address will only be used for this drawing. That said, subscribers to my once-a-month-ish emails get exclusive access to some free stuff. Right now, the first four chapters of Network of Deceit are available to my email readers. Interested? Sign up here to get on the list.

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feel free to participate in our October poll. This month is all about travel. Most of us have been locked down most of the year, so it’s time to jog our memories to places in our past. “I’ve Been Everywhere,” a song popularized by the great Johnny Cash, mentions 92 different locations. How many have you actually set foot in? Be sure to click the arrow at the top right of the poll to submit your answers. I’ll reveal the results in November. Have fun!

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