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A spiritually scarred FBI agent. A serial killer who’s using the Old Testament as an instruction manual. Both are seeking redemption.

Only one has a prayer.

In a dusty Texas home, Ryder Talbot relives his first kill. She had been a slow learner, but at the end, she understood. Love comes freely. Failure to love does not. It was a lesson his country needed to learn. America’s rejection of God has not gone unseen. The Lord has called him to awaken the United States to its sinfulness, and with the Old Testament as his guide, four more women have perished.

FBI Agent Jacob Thomas tracks Ryder across the country, desperate for clues. All the murdered women were Christians, each seemingly chosen at random. Young lives cut short, sacrificed to a madman’s wishes. Forced to confront a past he’s kept buried, Agent Thomas must discover the truth before more innocents die.

Redemption comes at a price.

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Represented by Linda Glaz